Siboney Beach Club In Antigua A Secluded Romantic Caribbean Resort

Siboney in Antigua first came into my radar when I was researching, privately locally owned hotels in Antigua.

It struck me as possibly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean resorts, and so having spent my honeymoon in Cocos in what I still think is one of the best Caribbean honeymoons hotels, I was anxious to return and try the Siboney Beach Club.

We stayed on the top, third floor in a one bedroom suite, with a small kitchen. It was very comfortable, well decorated, but we would have liked it air conditioned throughout. Only the bedroom has airconditioning, and not the other rooms, which could be unbearably hot, even with a ceiling fan.

There were also mossies but Deet took care of that problem, and I don’t wish to be critical really because the Siboney Beach Club gave us a great vacation, not least because of the input of the owner Tony Johnson who has a handle on everything, and it is so nice to stay in an hotel where the owner and not a faceless manager is so ever present.

Siboney is located at the far end of Dickenson Bay, although it’s not as beautiful as we were led to believe, with a Sandals resort to the right of the hotel, the beach there was far too busy, but in fairness go to the left past some crumbling buildings and you come upon a lovely deserted beach, totally peaceful.

There is an excellent restaurant right next to the hotel called the Coconut Grove, literally right on top of the beach, with superb food, at breakfast lunch and dinner, although at a price!

Be careful in Antigua with your money, because everything is in US$, not EC$ as it should be, and it can be difficult to get your hands on cash from an ATM, because they seem to be permanently empty!!

There is a lovely good size pool in the beautifully lush, and well maintained gardens, and you’ll often have it to yourself.

The sunsets are another memory of Siboney in Antigua, seen with the inevitable rum punch in hand.

Siboney in Antigua is undoubtedly one of the more secluded romantic Caribbean Resorts, and is exactly the right place to stay for people like us who hate all-inclusive gin palaces.

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