I am an interior designer and wanted my remodeled bathroom to have a more glamorous look. I bought this chandelier fan to replace the old fan and I cannot believe how gorgeous it is. The two option lighting and three option fan speed is phenomenal. The fan blades disappear back into the light fixture when not in use. I am considering buying a second for another room in my home so it’s more visible for all to see!
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Kent Levin
Montana, USA
It’s has everything I wanted in 1 light. The fan is clear so when it’s tucked in you can’t tell that it’s a fan. The fan noise isn’t noisy so I appreciate that it isn’t distracting when it’s on. The gold is more of a champagne/ rose gold instead of actual gold. The led light is super bright and covers a large 13×16 room. I like the adjustable light color which works perfectly for the bedroom. For example, if I’m working then I prefer bright daylight but for bedtime, I prefer yellow light. The only downside to this light is the installation. It does take a lot of time for first time installers. The instructions could be a little more clear, however once the light is up, it’s beautiful!!! No regrets!!!! It comes with a handy remote for the fan and light so that I don’t need to get out of bed to change the setting. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a all in 1 crystal glam light + fan. The price is affordable as well.
Alyse Booe
Harrisburg, IL
We purchased 10 of these for our remodel project. They are simply beautiful! Everyone loves how beautiful they are and the fans are powerful. I didn’t notice any noise from the fans. When the fans are on the blades are barely visible. They were also easy to install. Definitely a satisfied customer!!
Lesley Purdy
Las Vegas, NV
We bought this for our dinning room, It is stunning but the installation will drive you insane. It took us 2 days to get it right. We figured out at the end of the first day that the instructions given were for a different light. We followed them step by step and when we got to the final step the light cover didn’t attach at all like the directions said. We were too tired and frustrated to take it down and start over. The next morning we took it down and installed the light cover by removing some of the crystal slats so we could get a magnetized screw driver in to hold the screws in place to attach the cover. Then rehung it to attach the crystal balls in the center. I just hope the light never goes out and needs replacing. This is quit the project especially when the wrong instructions are provided. There is suppose to be a youtube video you can watch to help install but it comes up unavailable and so does the manufacture’s website. So you are on your own with this one good luck. I will say it was worth the effort it is absolutely beautiful!!!
Paul Stewart
Sulligent, AL

Retractable Ceiling Fans Pros and Cons

Blades hidden and low-profile when not in useFew models available, limiting choice in style
Blades barely visible even in use so room looks “open”Difficult to clean due to overlapping of the blades
Typically high quality as the retraction mechanism requires good materialsBlades must be short to retract, limiting possible airflow
Generally quieter than traditional fans due to light weight and quality motorTricky to assemble and requires flush mounting