10 34 Small Ceiling Fan Lights Remote Mini Ceiling Fan Remote Indoor Bedroom Ceiling Light

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10 34 Small Ceiling Fan Lights Remote Mini Ceiling Fan Remote Indoor Bedroom Ceiling Light

10″ Small Ceiling Fan with Lights Remote, Mini Ceiling Fan with Remote for Indoor, Bedroom Ceiling Light Kit, Yellow

4 reviews for 10 34 Small Ceiling Fan Lights Remote Mini Ceiling Fan Remote Indoor Bedroom Ceiling Light

  1. Monte Sheppard

    Who else had a granny that ordered a lot from a certain catalog service in the early 80’s, the one where they got lots of free junk with their order? Well, when I opened the box and got this fan out, that was my first thought. The fan was well wrapped, but pretty lightweight. It also came with a plastic cone and a 3′ long cord that has a light socket at one end and bare wires at the other end. Oh, and a remote control. So it seems the idea is you can wire this directly into a light fixture someplace, use the cone to cover the wiring connection, and screw this fan/light into the other end. Uhm, no thanks, I just chose a regular light bulb outlet. So, expecting the worst, I screwed the fan/light in, and flipped the switch. I felt like Gizmo! “Bright Light! Bright Light!” I slid the safety thing from the battery in the remote, and after figuring out the remote needed a firm press, I started messing with the buttons. Wow, they all worked. The light went from bright to dim, and I can control how white the light is, or how natural, kinda neat. The fan worked too. It has 3 speeds, Ok. Turned the switch off, and back on. “Bright Light! Bright Light!” There is no memory on this that remembers the setting when you turned it off. Ok, I can be ok with that. I left it running for 24 hours, it never got hot, well any more than you would expect a light and small fan motor to get. I can say this item surprised me. This may move from my bathroom to my kitchen area, just to help keep the air moving around some. All in all, much better than expected.

  2. Mike Ruggiero

    At first you might have doubts about this little gem producing either great light or substantial wind, so here’s the facts. This is not intended to be the main light in a room nor to act as a whole-room fan. But rather as the pictures show, to light up and cool a small secluded area, in this case a romantic little table setting for two. The lighting was more than bright for a nice dinner and the fan on high was adequate for a summer escape.Installation is easy if you have some home improvement knowledge. The fixture has 2 bare wires made for a hard-wire connection; simply connect them to your black and white feed out of your ceiling connection box.I would have preferred a more substantial remote control that didn’t feel like you could just crush it in your hand. I’m sure you could. However, that doesn’t take away from its functionality. Working it from 10 feet away, it easily turned the unit on and off, changed the 3 fan speeds, and the multi-light options. Those options include shades of brightness from bright white light, yellow light, and a romantic moon light. As I said, the remote is small and delicate, but perfectly functional and includes the CR2025 replaceable battery with an easy slide outdoor. It comes with a small one-sheet page of instructions for the remote, but my package contained no other instructions. I would recommend this if you had the correct location.

  3. Chichen

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     This Light and Fan is a great addition to all household, it can fit into many varieties of purpose. The highlight of this product is the brightness of the light and the E26 holder, which makes any bulb holder to have a fan and a powerful light. It comes with the Remote which is super helpful and a great additions.Initially I assumed the light will not be that bright to my surprise it’s very good and it can fill any 12X12 room easily. Remote options of changing the 3 colors will suit our needs and very easy top change and same brightness it maintained.The night light option provided in the remote comes handy on night time, not to be super flashy.The construction of the products and the color of the fan grill is seems outdated style. It could’ve been little better, the quality of the product is good, which means super light at the same time it can be easily breakable if not taken care properly.Let’s come to installation of this product, looking at this I thought it will very easy, yes it will be as long as you use it for E26 holder or directly on the bulb holder. If you plan to connect the hard wire there comes the challenge, the instructions are null or zero. I’ve no clue how to get this hang of the ceiling because the tools are not intuitive and no directions. If you’re not familiar with the tool needs to work on the ceiling you will end up using in bulb holder only. By chance if you get to ceiling, you need extra tool to hook this up, which is not provided with this product.For this price range it’s doing great job, but when it comes to installation options you will be upset with the limitations. I spent 2 hrs to hook it in ceiling, also the cup holder on the ceiling section has a very small or tiny screw made of plastic which hold the cup in place, it’s not at all good and there should be a better options. The length of the Cord will be useful for high ceiling but it will be problem for lower ceiling.

  4. Brick Operator

    Despite the “smart” in the item’s description, this light isn’t smart. It’s very bright, or quite dim, depending on the setting. It goes from a sterile blue-tinged light to a robust “natural” light, to a comfortable yellowish “incandescent” tone, with a much dimmer “nightlight” version of each setting. However, it has no memory, and will turn on at the brightest setting when using either the power button on the remote control or the wall switch. If your eyes are acclimated to the darkness, this can actually cause pain. This is a non-starter for me, since I had planned to use this in my bedroom, and would rather not begin my day being blinded by artificial sunlight.The fan is a bit noisy at medium and high speeds, but as I have tinnitus, this isn’t an issue for me, since it adequately drowns out the ringing in my ears.If you don’t plan to use this in your bedroom, it’s a great light/fan combo; otherwise, caveat emptor.

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